Ben Lamm
Ben Lamm

Conversational intelligence is no longer simply a nice-to-have for brands. Just as email marketing and paid advertising have become deeply integrated into customer engagement strategies, bots are now integral for building lasting and loyal relationships with customers. Yet according to the 2018 Gartner CIO Survey, only 4% of enterprises have deployed conversational interfaces, even as 30% are planning to or actively experimenting with the technology. According to another Gartner study, by 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.

“Bots are taking over as the customer engagement method of choice, and brands are already behind if they don’t have a conversational intelligence strategy,” said Ben Lamm, CEO and co-founder of Conversable. “We are single-handedly helping brands integrate bots into their strategy without the hassle or investment required by other vendors. Our customers are able to experience what it’s like to be connected to their customers 24/7, across channels, from day one.”

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Conversable was recently highlighted as one of the key platforms in the Gartner Market Guide for Conversational Platforms for “creating conversational experiences on any messaging or voice platform” and as a representative vendor offering “an extensible platform for a variety of use cases, that have capabilities above the average, and/or that have received the most client interest.”

“Conversable is an integral part of our AI strategy that has effectively doubled our off-premise sales in just the last year, responsible for about $150 million in revenue growth,” said Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer of TGI Fridays. “This kind of technology has created the perfect bridge between innovation and business value, and the ability to be up and running quickly has been integral to testing out new messages and new channels. Conversable has been an incredible partner in helping us surprise, delight, and serve our guests with these new technologies.”

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Conversable’s platform supports the greatest number of messaging and voice channels, including Messenger, Twitter, We, SMS, Alexa, Google Assistant, and even in cars with GM Onstar. According to a research report by Aberdeen Group, companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement.

While most solutions rely on either voice or messaging, Conversable provides their customers the ability to compete on both. This is important in an era where 20 percent of mobile queries were made via voice in 2016, with accuracy now at about 95 percent.

“Voice is a transformative platform and an unprecedented opportunity. Businesses that get started early will have the most important advantage in the AI era: high-fidelity data to train machine learning models,” said Ben Lamm, co-founder and CEO of Conversable. “We are paving the way to intuitive and authentic brand conversations throughout the entire customer lifecycle, but the value doesn’t stop there. These conversations arm businesses with a new level of customer understanding.”

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